Haunting for Hope 2

Hello all, Tomorrow (April 14th) UPM will be at the Haunting for Hope 2 paranormal conference in Silverdale Wa. We will have some free copies of the re-launch special, FREE.  Yes they are older but collector items!  It will give you an idea about what our magazine is all about. We will also have some bigfoot […]

Photo’s from Area 51.

This October I was able to visit Rachel Nevada and the back gate at area 51.  Even though there was not much to see, I very much enjoyed just visiting the town bar, hotel and gift shop.  The drive was also nice.

Photos from Idaho State Penitentiary

Miss Gail’s Inn, Aztec NM.

When I travel, I like to visit reportedly haunted locations.  When I found myself in Aztec, MN. I thought to myself, what could possibly be here?  In addition to the famous Aztec UFO crash site, the Aztec Ruins, beautiful rock formations and arches, I found the famous Miss Gail’s Inn.. Several ghosts have been reported […]