Website issues.

Hello, We recently lost a sever and are working to get the website back up and running.  Many of the pages are offline at the  moment but we are working on getting service back to 100%! Thanks for understanding, Robert.

Paranormal Tattoo’s.

Do you have a tattoo that is paranormal related?  We’re looking to do a small story that would include a photo of your tat. These would need to be high resolution photos and clear.  If you’d like to submit one for review, send it to  Include your first name and City (if you wish) […]

Haunting for Hope 2

Hello all, Tomorrow (April 14th) UPM will be at the Haunting for Hope 2 paranormal conference in Silverdale Wa. We will have some free copies of the re-launch special, FREE.  Yes they are older but collector items!  It will give you an idea about what our magazine is all about. We will also have some bigfoot […]

Summer 2011 issue has shipped.

All the subscribers issues have shipped and we are now working on the fall issue! We still have a limited number of this issue for purchase.  Visit the online shop today. There are still a few open spaces for articles, what would YOU like to see? Regards, Robert

Photo’s from Area 51.

This October I was able to visit Rachel Nevada and the back gate at area 51.  Even though there was not much to see, I very much enjoyed just visiting the town bar, hotel and gift shop.  The drive was also nice.

Photos from Idaho State Penitentiary

Miss Gail’s Inn, Aztec NM.

When I travel, I like to visit reportedly haunted locations.  When I found myself in Aztec, MN. I thought to myself, what could possibly be here?  In addition to the famous Aztec UFO crash site, the Aztec Ruins, beautiful rock formations and arches, I found the famous Miss Gail’s Inn.. Several ghosts have been reported […]

We have gone mobile!

Thats right, you can now visit this website on your smart phone (iPhone, Droid, etc.). You can view us at either or (using your mobile device). Let us know how you like it (or don’t!).

Site upgrades.

Please excuse our dust, we’re upgrading the site to provide a better user experience.