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Who are we (bios of regular contributors):

Robert Murdock – Editor

Robert has had a life long interest in the unknown and media.  With the chance to do work with both, he jumped at it!  He has been involved in cryptozoology as a primary interest for 20+ years and spends much of his free time in the mountains fishing, hiking and camping. He’s been heard on many popular radio shows and has been in the Travel Channels ‘Weird Places’ series.

Rosemary Ellen Euiley – Q&A

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert on the paranormal, with 32 published books and hundreds of articles.  She researches, writes, lectures and investigates full-time.  Her website is

Jenifer - News
Jenifer – News

Jenifer has been fascinated with the paranormal since the age of 9. Having her first paranormal experience at the age of 4 and several there on after, she has had a lifelong interest in having those questions answered that pertain to life after death, the unknown, and unexplained.  She also has an interest and has briefly studied quantum physics and it’s relevance to hauntings and the paranormal.

Born and raised in Boyle Heights, CA, Jenifer investigates with the Boyle Heights Paranormal Project and although she has been studying the paranormal for 20 years now, she has a focus and extensive knowledge in conspiracies, UFOs and the reptilian agenda.

Jenifer is constantly sharpening her skills by being out in the field on investigations and always thoroughly researching every subject she shares with the paranormal community.  She is always keeping up with the most current paranormal information/news out there via magazines, books, websites, and television. It has not only been more than a dream, but a life mission for her to be at the point where she is today.

When Jenifer isn’t working on her paranormal endeavors, she enjoys reading, watching movies and relaxing at home, and spending time with close friends and family.

Boyle Heights
Boyle Heights

Ray Crowe has been involved with the Bigfoot phenomena since 1991. Forming a study group, The Western Bigfoot Society, met monthly for 14 years, featuring speakers concerning a plethora of topics concerning natural and supernatural events, including many Bigfoot witnesses and other interesting speakers.  A newsletter, The Track Record, recorded monthly 20 pages of lore, and ran to some 3000 pages when retiring after issue 169  in March 2007.  The group went on numerous outings, and had an annual Bigfoot Daze get-together, again with speakers, dealers, and interesting displays.

Educated somewhat with classes at Portland State university and PCC.  Other activities included being a fellow of the Geological Society of the Oregon Country, active with Oregon Archeological Society, Lepidoptera Society, Missoula Flood project, and was involved with local museums and rock collecting clubs. Worked as Weather Observer, ran an Antique and Ray’s Used Books, where Bigfoot meeting were held.

James Paradie is new to the world of the paranormal, but has that unique fascination with genuine fright. Starting out as a columnist for various independent newspapers around his home state of New Hampshire, James has been making a name for himself as a freelance paranormal columnist with his Scared Sheetless articles that put a chill in everyone’s bones. When you read his articles, believe James when he says he feels most at home in a graveyard at night, because he’s scared of the living, but feels right at home with the spirits of the dead. So sit on the edge of your seat and prepared to be Scared Sheetless!

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Paula, AKA Paulajedi

Paula owns and operates Poltergeist Tower, a paranormal website, and possesses a B.A. in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Information Systems. Her interests include computers, the paranormal, cryptozoology, music, animals, and video games.