East Village Tour

Got a great ghost story you share over drinks? Our Bartender has many of them, which she’ll share as she leads you through some of the East Village’s most famous haunts. Find a hidden cemetery whose ghosts have wandered into the hotel next door. Visit a Soviet-themed bar whose previous owner, a famed New York mobster, still keeps an eye on things. See where Harry Houdini, world famous escape artist, left his handcuffs (and maybe much more).

In the East Village, you’ll find ghost trains on the Subway, a theater haunted by its founder, and Edgar Allen Poe’s final drinking place. Join us for an evening of spooks and stories as The Bartender shows you the best spirits of the Lower East Side.

Most New Yorkers don’t think twice before descending into the subway system. But some who have gone into the Astor Place station say they’re lucky to have made it out. Find out why over a drink with our Bartender.

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